Vision, mission and values


ULJANIK Brodogradnja 1856 Ltd. is a shipyard engaged in the design and construction of ships, other floating objects and metal structures adaptable to the demands of world markets, which develops excellent business relationships with customers and business partners based on mutual respect, with operations that enable constant development and growth, environmental protection, health and safety of workers to the satisfaction of customers, owners, employees and social communities.


ULJANIK Brodogradnja 1856 Ltd., on the basis of a long-lasting and rich tradition, knowledge, expertise and orientation towards constant development, linking clients with their own professional, work and infrastructural potential as well as the potential of the environment, geographical location and climatic conditions, makes a lasting contribution to the well-being of both society and the individual.
By developing human resources, training and improving its employees, it raises the overall level of competencies, thus guaranteeing a high level of quality for its products.
In respecting value systems by respecting employees, their knowledge and their dignity ULJANIK Brodogradnja 1856 Ltd. is an attractive employer that offers optimal working conditions, including a safe and healthy working environment.
Living in harmony with the city, with a commitment to environmental protection, contributing to the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as natural heritage, continuously developing employees' awareness of environmental protection and meeting the requirements of legislators for environmental protection.



Cooperation with the customer based on partnership, open communication, trust, understanding and respect for his needs, with joint creation of the best solutions, and consistent respect for the agreed business relationship, which will result in the timely delivery of products, ready for use for the intended purpose, according to the agreed quality and with the most favorable ratio of newly created value and invested capital.


Continuous striving to reach the highest industrial standards and quality of products.


Developing professional and partner relations with state institutions, local community and society, employees and business partners, based on compliance with laws and business customs with the application of good business practices and ethical principles specific to the shipbuilding industry.


Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy business environment, providing employees the opportunity to gain knowledge, building a reputation as a responsible employer while creating additional value for all participants.
Integration with the local community by promoting industrial heritage, development of a wide range of occupations and participation in various activities within the local community.


Promoting the personal development of employees, while applying practical measures to prevent, control and protect against activities that can potentially cause environmental pollution.
The application and continuous improvement of the efficiency of an integrated management system which, along with continuous development and improvement of technology and business - production processes, respects the laws on nature and environmental protection as well as the reasonable consumption of its resources.


Through education and training, ensuring employee awareness and ability to maintain effective health and safety management for the benefit of the community in which it operates, and just as for its employees also for interested parties, through employee participation and consultation on all health and safety issues.


An increasingly demanding and competitive market requires continuous optimisation of business processes while meeting the quality requirements of customers and legal regulations.

The volatility of the market requires the establishment of leadership responsibility for managing changes and risks.

Increasing concern for the preservation of the environment and the community are the foundations of our awareness of sustainable environmental development at the level of both society as a whole and each employee.

By establishing an OH&S policy, our focus is on taking care of the health and safety of our employees.

Compliance of our business processes with international ISO standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 is confirmed by certification.

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015