ULJANIK Mechanical Engineering Diesel JSC in bankruptcy

About Us

ULJANIK Mechanical Engineering Diesel JSC is an independent company within ULJANIK Group and is fully owned by ULJANIK d.d.

Basic activity of the Company is the production of two-stroke slow-speed diesel engines under the licence from MAN Diesel A/S of Copenhagen. Its production programme comprises the most advanced engine types of the mentioned Licenser. Further development of the Company will continue to be based on the production of slow-speed engines as its basic activity.

ULJANIK Mechanical Engineering Diesel JSC was established in 1953 when new workshops were built in the area of the former Arsenal, and an Agreement was signed for buying a licence for production of diesel engines with a well-known Danish firm, Burmeister & Wain, leading diesel engine company in the world already at that time.

The first engine was built and tested 3 years later, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Shipyard foundation, on 9th December 1956. It was the first large slow-speed diesel engine built in Uljanik and in the country at all. Engine type was 762VTBF-115, having output of 3530 kW (4800 BHP), intended also for the first larger vessel built in Uljanik, which was named "ULJANIK". Since 1956 till the end of 2012 the Company produced 391 engines with total output of 2,775.614 kW.

Passing through different organisational forms, the diesel engine production in Uljanik changed its name several times in the past. It first began as a department of Shipyard under the name of Dizel motorna proizvodnja (DMP) (Diesel Engine Production Department). At the end of 1976 it became a company within ULJANIK Group under the name of Tvornica dizel motora (TDM) (Diesel Engine Factory), and finally in December 1989 changed its organisation and name to ULJANIK Mechanical Engineering Diesel JSC which is still in use.